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How E-commerce Fulfilment Works

Just follow the steps below.

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How it works?

Getting started and working with Huboo could not be simpler.

  1. Sign up

    Click on sign up. Simply fill in a few details about yourself and your business.

  2. Choose your product listings to send to Huboo

    Add your products to Huboo by selecting them either one at a time or in bulk and telling us how we should recognise them, e.g. by a barcode, the eBay item number or your own custom number.

  3. Ship your products

    Do this yourself or ship them directly from the wholesaler (usually at no cost). No need to prep most items just send them to us. You can make sure your products are ready to post, or alternatively let us do the packing and simply put them unpacked into a box, most products checked in within 24 hours and safely stored, automatically.

  4. Customer orders your product and we pick, pack and post.

    Sign up in minutes, be selling via Huboo in a couple of days. Our simple dashboard allows you to control your inventory and keep track of your costs, daily.

  5. Huboo provides an easy to use dashboard keeping you up to date

    Our dashboard comes with any relevant tracking information and status of your orders so you can provide customer service with the order information at your fingertips.

  6. Billing

    You’ll see your daily costs and volumes on your dashboard, so there will never be any surprises. Fulfilment charges are always in arrears.

Get started!

Getting started with fulfilment or changing supplier can be a lot easier than you think.

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