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A Secret Weapon for eCommerce Sellers

Posted on August 19, 2019
by Emma Burgess

Ecommerce continues to grow rapidly, with a predicted growth of 11% for this year alone. As commerce moves further online, there is one thing we can confidently predict, that consumer expectations will continue to rise and buyers will expect better and better levels of service and fulfilment. If you are building an online business, are you able to meet these rising expectations whilst still maintaining your own standards and level of growth?

Whether it’s free shipping, enhanced delivery options, improved product photography and videography, or simply a wider range of goods available; customers demand more. And the businesses that are able to keep track with customer expectations will see their rewards in the form of better brand loyalty, better engagement, and more sales as your good reputation spreads through your customer base.

Delivering the goods

With so much competition out there, customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to how they want they goods delivered, and when.

Demand for your products can peak and trough throughout the year, and one of the main reasons for this is seasonality. it’s common selling sense that stuff like garden furniture and outdoorsy related things peak during the summer and continue further still on hot, dry weekends. Whereas of course Christmas gifts goods including gadgets, electrical stuff, and luxury products peak around the end of November.

Every seller in the world wishes that demand was steady and predictable all year round, it would just make everything much easier. It would simplify their cash flow and make stock buying and warehousing far simpler, but unfortunately, there is no such luck. Strong seasonality puts a strain on the company’s cash flow and creates serious challenges in the fulfilment department. However, seasonality also highlights the massive potential of outsourcing your fulfilment.

Meeting fulfilment expectations

If your business is a seasonal one, with clear peaks and troughs of demand around the year, then there is always a danger of disappointing your customers as the eCommerce wheels begin to turn faster.

A busy month can very quickly turn into a logistical nightmare, as orders pile up as the business struggles to cope. Delivery times lengthen and customer satisfaction drops. It’s almost like watching your delicately maintained house of cards collapse in front of you at times.

At the same time, if demand slows, eCommerce companies face the danger of overstocking and tying up vital resources and capital, without the necessary momentum to move product on. The ebb and flow of seasonal selling is a harsh beast to tame, but there is support available from eCommerce fulfilment companies if you know where to look.

Levelling off

So, clear in the knowledge that customer experience is king, and also trying to manage those pesky seasonal peaks, how can you be sure that your business is handling everything in the most efficient way?

One way to address this concern is to use a eCommerce fulfilment company as a partner to take on the tricky tasks of ensuring your customers receive a flawless, uninterrupted service even as orders and demand begins to soar thanks to a growing business.

Ecommerce fulfilment companies offer a perfect way to warehouse your goods and balance out periods of heavy demand alongside those slower times. By using their expertise in warehousing and logistics, they are ideally placed to manage the flow of customer orders and can react to sales peaks quickly, making sure your customers receive their orders on time.

For Huboo this extends from not just simply delivering on time but bringing much more to the table: seamless connectivity with your eCommerce ecosystem, cutting edge tech platforms, transparent pricing, and a genuine commitment to flex to customer needs. You really need only check our pricing pages for what you can expect to get for your money, and the best thing is, we’ll tailor the fulfilment plan to meet your needs.

Why use fulfilment?

At Huboo, we know that only you understand how your business works best. Having built your business from the ground up, you know what your customers want, and you also know the best way to manage things currently. With this knowledge though, there must be areas of your business that you can see would benefit from some a more expert touch.

Savvy eCommerce operators know that managing the intricacies of fulfilment can represent a real drain on vital management time. Time that could be better spent identifying new markets and developing new products.

Managing inventory levels to ensure customers get what they need is what Huboo excels at. We know exactly what is important for a growing business: orders arriving on time, packaged correctly, and exactly what the customer expects. We know that the demands of buying online have shifted from hope and apprehension to the sure belief that they will receive what they bought, on time, and in top condition. So let’s meet that expectation head on, and help you grow as a result. Give us a call now on 01722 444 025 and lets get talking!