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Let’s Talk About Sustainable Fulfilment

Posted on April 22, 2021
by Emma Burgess

In most instances, a trip to the supermarket, retail store, or even the delivery of an online order, usually results in reams of unnecessary plastic packaging. As eCommerce continues to boom, customers are increasingly putting their energy behind sustainable brands, and those that offer eco-friendly packing options. In recent months, it’s becoming even more important that fulfilment and logistic services cater to this changing consumer demand.

Recently, Forbes reported that 88% of consumers in the UK and US want brands to help them be more sustainable, so why aren’t businesses doing more to cater to this audience? Of course, there are many touchpoints involved in a consumer receiving their goods, and the supply chain has been under increased scrutiny to transform aspects of this journey into one that is less damaging to the environment.

At Huboo, we take sustainability seriously, and in the spirit of Earth Day, we’d like to share with you everything we’re doing to be mindful of our impact on the planet.

Our Warehouses 

We’ve designed our warehouses to provide a sustainable service for our workers and clients. The infrastructure is designed with low air permeability in mind and was made using high performance insulated cladding and roofing materials. This is great for keep workers warm during the winter with low electric costs. Similarly, 15% of the light in the warehouse comes from electric lighting, the rest is all-natural! The addition of photovoltaic solar panels also converts light into electricity which helps up to create a more sustainable electric eco-system in our warehouse. And thanks to Elon Musk, the current trend in driving electric hasn’t gone a miss, employees can enjoy free electric vehicle charging points to keep their car charged whilst at work.

Our Packaging 

A quick google search will take you to some scary plastic-related statistics, plastic out-numbers sea life by six-to-one, 50% of plastic is only used once, Amazon alone used over 200 million kg of plastic wastage last year, including air pillows and bubble wrap. Plastic is the cheapest option, but it’s certainly not the most sustainable.

Offering eco-friendly packaging is not only great for the planet but with over 800 clients to cater for, it’s important to provide options that align with each brand’s ethics. Our eco-friendly packing options are an alternative to the plastic used by fulfilment giants, such as Amazon…and they’re also sustainable. Some of these eco-friendly options include packaging supported by The Forestry Commission and eco-filling compostable material that is 100% biodegradable.

Paperless is important! The way of recording our hub’s perfect picks now requires zero paper, we’re also aiming for all our orders to be digital by October 2021, watch this space.

And it’s not just about what we offer, as previously stated there are many touchpoints involved in the fulfilment process. All the cardboard we receive from inbound goods is recycled!

Our Humans and Our Couriers

We do our best to ensure our workers are as supposed as our clients in their endeavours to lead more sustainable lives. Huboo offers a cycle to work scheme, encouraging more people to get behind two wheels, instead of the steering wheel. Our new office location is right in the city centre making it easy to walk or grab local transport links to and from the office.

It’s virtually important to receive a delivery from a courier service that is 100% non-polluting, however work closely with our courier services and choose to support those that are doing their bit for the environment. Earlier this year Yodel reported that it had reduced its carbon emissions by 25%. The courier service has also introduced a delivery by bike initiative to seven cities in the UK which will emissions in London by 2.3 tonnes. In July of last year, DPD announced that it had smashed its EV target five months early. The service now has over 700 electric vehicles delivering orders and has delivered close to 5 million emissions-free parcels, saving over 2 million kilograms of CO2. This is the step in the right direction for creating a more sustainable, plant-friendly approach to deliveries!

Imagine being able to plant a tree in a click, in bulk or automatically to offset your carbon emissions, well, you can! We are really pleased to be working in partnership with More Trees. Plant trees on behalf of yourself, your company, your customers and more! Find more info here.

Of course, truly eco-friendly and carbon-neutral fulfilment is a long way off, but for now, we’re doing the best we can, whilst delivering the best service that we can!

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