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Humans of Huboo: The mountaineering mathematician

Posted on November 12, 2019
by Emma Burgess

What makes us so different from other fulfilment houses is that we believe in putting our people first. Let’s face it, without them, the whole supply chain comes to a halt. They are vital to the success of your business.

As part of our Humans of Huboo series, we want you to meet the people who are helping to make your business a success.

This time, we’re turning the spotlight on James. Drum roll please…

Meet James Rich

A mountaineering mathematician, James is a Process Engineer for Huboo.

As a tech focused company, we’re always looking at ways we can use technology to make the fulfilment process even more effective, and this is where James comes in. His job is to look at all the ways the warehouse, picking and packing systems work and assess how best they can be improved.

At the moment, I am in the initial stages of analysing the whole process and looking at ways we can streamline and increase efficiency. We have great technology and can do so much with it that we’re always looking at ways to really maximise it wherever possible.

As a recently graduated mathematician, James has an analytical mind, which is what makes him so good at his job. But that’s not to say he’s sat at his desk all the time crunching and analysing data. He’s also really hands-on and alternates his time between the warehouse and the office, with a lot of his time spent on the warehouse floor, he helps staff and also supports the team on customer enquiries.

James also has previous with Huboo. While he was at University, he was a picker and packer at their warehouse, so is certainly best placed to understand Huboo’s systems and processes.

In fact, after the co-founders, I was their second employee and I really enjoyed my time there. After I graduated, Paul Dodd, a co-founder alongside Martin Bysh, gave me a call and asked me if I wanted a full-time role at the company. I jumped at the chance.

James is keen to have a long-term career at Huboo. As a start-up with a big future, he is keen to be a part of that.

What makes Huboo different is that we are all invested in business growth. There is a great atmosphere here and we all have a lot of respect for all that we do. As a startup, we are working at a fast pace, so we’re all in this together. That’s what makes it so good here.

Quick fire questions

What makes you irrationally angry: Being stuck behind someone walking slowly

Favourite Film: The Dawn Wall

Best holiday: When I went to New Zealand for 3 months

Dream dinner guest: Alan Turing

Biggest fear: picking, packing and sending the wrong order!

Something you really love: Rock climbing. In fact, James has scaled a peak in The Pyrenees, reaching 4,000 metres.

Fun fact: There are infinitely many different sizes of infinity (Mind. Blown.)

Who would play you in a film of your life? David Mitchell

What would your super-power be? Flying