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Weekly Review 9/04

Posted on April 09, 2021
by Emma Burgess

This week came with the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for. The second round of lockdown measures will be lifted as of Monday 12th April, granting access to gyms, retail shops, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Yay! Now let’s take a look at the top industry related news stories that we’ve been reading this week.

Whatsapp Business launches improvements 

Launched three years ago, Whatsapp Business has acquired significant space in the eCommerce industry in China, and although the app has been slow to filter into the UK’s industry, it’s well on its way to disrupt eCommerce industry. The messenger app has adapted its classic layout to make it easy to connect with customers. Merchants can highlight their products and services, and answer questions. The ability to create a catalogue use tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages

Now two new features have been rolled out, set to improve the experience for both seller and shopper. Sellers can now make a catalogue from Whatsapp desktop/web to seamless showcase what products you have to offer. There are currently more than 8 million business categories on the app. Sellers can also hide products that are no longer available to prevent orders of unavailable items.

Amazon opens local sites in Germany and Austria 

To create a more regional shopping experience, Amazon has opened a separate website for SME’s in Germany and Austria. Customers can specifically discover items from smaller, more independent eCommerce stores that have faced difficulties throughout the pandemic. According to the US eCommerce giant, Austrian vendors on Amazon have generated over 85% of their sales through sales abroad last year. Currently, more than half of the products sold on Amazon come from small and medium-sized businesses.

EU online deliveries to the UK have halved 

Online deliveries to the UK from Europe have fallen by 50.7% in the first quart of trading. New data revealed by Sendcloud found that that 51% of UK consumers resisted buying internationally because of the inflated delivery costs. A further 38% cited potential customs charges for their reason to not buy from the EU, while 32% sought to avoid the lengthy delivery times.

The company’s CEO and founder, Rob van den Heuvel said, “To continue smooth international trade to our European neighbours, UK retailers need to streamline their international shipping. A futureproof strategy requires a thorough understanding of international trade rules and the impact they will have on day-to-day operations.”

Forbes 30 under 30 for retail & eCommerce 

If you’re after a bit of inspiration to lift the post bank holiday blues, then check out this list of founders from the UK and Europe who have found an opportunity in a year of crisis.  

As always, we’ll see you next week!