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Weekly Review 23/04

Posted on April 26, 2021
by Emma Burgess

This week the world came together to celebrate Earth Day, a day that promotes environmental awareness and calls for help with the global climate crisis as individuals and businesses.

Which nation is the most sustainable? 

The Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy assessed the policies of 180 nations, measuring whether they meet internationally established environmental targets, and compared them to each other. Countries are marked out of 100 from worst to best. Denmark came out on top with a ranking of 82.5 followed by Luxembourg (82.3), Switzerland (81.5) and impressively the United Kingdom (81.3). 

Younger shoppers and sustainable couriers 

Yodel have released new data that shows that younger shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand if works with sustainable couriers, more than half of 18-34-year-olds prefer to shop with a retailer if they used sustainable couriers focused on reducing their emissions. Younger consumers are becoming more conscious of how carbon emissions are impacting the environment and are choosing how and where they spend their money accordingly. The findings reveal that (53%) of 18-34s said they’d be more inclined to purchase if the delivery company focused on reducing its emissions. Younger shoppers are also the most likely (28%) to take the CO2 emissions of their online shopping.

eCommerce trends for 2021 

We know that consumer demand has evolved in the past twelve months with the pandemic seeping into the way we consume, and how we consume. Entrepreneur Europe has made their predictions on the top trends of this year that entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore. Coming out on top, groceries now account for 12% of total eCommerce sales. 44% of Boomers are happy to shop online, whilst 77% of younger generations and nearly 60% of all consumers use digital tools to help them complete their shopping. Of course, eCommerce will continue to climb, the global sales of which are expected to increase by around 14% in 2021, and worldwide sales aren’t too far away from $5 trillion.

Uber Eats has launched in Germany

In the US’s biggest territory expansion in the last three years, Uber Eats has launched in Germany. The launch is set to elevate the pressures felt by the chokehold that JustEat has over the countries take away demands. In Europe last year, more than 24m people used Uber Eats to order meals from 126,000 restaurants, delivered by 370,000 couriers. Germany’s couriers will be employees by fleet management companies. That’s all from us this week.

Have a great weekend!