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Weekly Review 01/04

Posted on April 01, 2021
by Emma Burgess

For those that may have noticed, we’re coming to you a little early this week as tomorrow is the start of what we hope will be a relaxing bank holiday for everyone! But fear not, our wonderful warehouse heroes will still be picking, packing and sending orders as usual. 

The Evergreen container ship was freed earlier this week after nearly a week of being stuck in Egypt’s Suez Chanel. The stranded ship was the butt of many jokes across news outlets and social media as it caused a blockage of $9 billion worth of goods.

Shop Out to Help Out 

Retailers call for a ‘shop out to help out’ scheme ahead of stores opening on the 12th of April. The scheme is off the back of Rishi’s controversial ‘eat out to help out’, in September which encourages individuals to support local restaurants for a discounted rate. The “Save The Street” campaign would cover 50% of a shopper’s costs of up to £10, on Monday to Wednesdays lasting a month and would only apply at physical stores with fewer than 10 staff. Small and independent businesses were hit particularly had in the past year, with many being closed for the full 12 months and others only opening their doors for a fraction of that time. 

Clare Okey, co-founder of an independent lifestyle boutique said, “We badly need the support – any form of help to let us catch up and break even, in terms of a scheme that incentivises the customers. We’re nothing without customers.”

Deliveroo shares tumble 

 Deliveroo shares have plummeted on its stock market debut after several major UK investors expressed concerns about its gig economy worker model. The Deliveroo share sale is London’s biggest stock market launch in ten years and the steep plummet on its first day of trading is a cause for concern to the UK’s ambitions to persuade more big tech companies to list in the UK. Shares in the food delivery business had been offered to investors at 390p each, but closed 14% lower at 284p per share, having fallen 30%, the company had initially hoped for a share price of up to 460p. 

Deliveroo’s self-employed drivers have seen a surge in demand during the pandemic but the delivery company who has not yet made a profit said on Monday that it had chosen to ‘price responsibly’ and sell their share at the bottom of their price point.

Micro-Fulfilment and the environment 

 While there are many advantages to using micro-fulfilment to achieve your logistic goals, you probably wouldn’t have thought a reduction in air pollution would be one. A report by Accenture shows that micro-fulfilment centres, or MFCs, across London could reduce traffic volume by 13% and reduce harmful vehicle-related air emissions by 17% across the city. Storing inventory in centralised locations enable faster last-mile deliveries and pick-up in person, which could equate to about 320 million fewer miles travelled by delivery vehicles. 

Here at Huboo our micro-warehouses, run by hub managers, are a condensed version of what you might see in a traditional warehouse, only our format allows for a host of increased efficiencies. If you want to find out more about our micro approach to fulfilment, you can have a look here!

That’s all from us, have an eggcellent (sorry) Easter and we’ll see you next week!