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Huboo Weekly Review 26/03

Posted on March 26, 2021
by Emma Burgess

It’s been another rich news week across the UK, from marches to wedged ships, to retail giant John Lewis announcing the closure of four stores, we’re going to dive into the world of industry news.

$9.6bn of Goods Are Being Held Up By a Stranded Ship

Since Tuesday, the Japanese-owned Ever Given cargo ship, operated by a Taiwanese company, Evergreen Marine, has been wedged at an angle in Egypt’s Suez Canal, causing a blockage of $9.6bn of goods a day. For four days the container ship, the size of four football fields has been unable to be freed, despite desperate attempts to loosen its bilge. The Suez Canal is one of the busiest export routes in the world, with 12% of global trade moving through it daily. On Tuesday there were 100 ships waiting to pass, that figure has now risen to 185, these include bulk retail carrier and crude tankers. With some experts suggesting it could take weeks to free the stranded ship, maybe don’t hold your breath on that next day delivery parcel. 

Royal Mail Trial Sunday Deliveries

Royal Mail has responded to an unprecedented twelve months of demand by introducing a Sunday parcel delivery service for major retailers as the surge in demand for more “frequent and convenient deliveries” grows. Nick Landon, chief commercial officer at Royal Mail, noted that “the last year has reset so many customer expectations and the desire for even more convenient and even more frequent parcel deliveries has certainly been one of them.” The seven-day delivery service for major retailers is set to respond to the marked increase in parcel volumes and changing customer expectations. Royal Mail deliveries peaked in Q4 of 2020 which saw 496 million parcels delivered. 

Barcode stamps trialled by Royal Mail 

In more Royal Mail news, the history of the postage service can be traced back to 1516 with the position of ‘Master of the Posts’. Fast track to 2021 and the delivery service is having a makeover. For the first time, the 500-year-old stamp is seeing the addition of a barcode, to make every stamp unique. The initial pilot scheme will see the new-look barcodes appear on around 20 million 2nd Class stamps and forms part of Royal Mail’s ongoing modernisation drive aimed at bringing even greater convenience to its customers.

Amazon in Europe Welcomes over 1,000 new sellers a day 

Since the beginning of the year, Amazon Europe has seen 115, 453 businesses join the marketplace. The figure equates to roughly 1,461 new companies a day and 40% of worldwide sellers. The ongoing surge in eCommerce behaviours gives thanks to the continuing global pandemic and irreversible changes in consumer habits. Most new sellers have joined the Amazon marketplaces in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany. We’ve spoken about the rise in FBA acquisition groups here. 

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