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Posted on January 26, 2021
by Emma Burgess

Huboo in The News

Welcome to Huboo in The News! Our weekly roundup of all things Huboo that have reached the press this week that we’d love to share with you, right here, on our blog.

Now, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that recently, most of us approach daily news bulletins with bated breath. We gingerly open a web browser or tentatively flick on the 10 pm news bracing ourselves to be met with more reports of post-Brexit difficulties, delays to our fourth parcel of the week, or a third national lockdown. But sometimes, a ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds of turbulent bulletin updates and gives us a reason to smile. This ray of light is called Jake, and he’s our new corporate bard 

After the pandemic forced Jake and his band to postpone their 28-date tour, he swapped gigs for pallets and timbre to make ends meet, but when he saw Huboo’s call for a musician, he jumped at the chance to exercise his creative flare once more. With a nod to Celtic Britain and Ireland, Jake will be producing medieval-inspired music that tells the stories of Huboo, our clients, our staff, and our achievements.

But it’s not just the morale that Jake will be lifting. Our CEO, Martin Bysh, commented that “it’s an extraordinarily inexpensive marketing tool.” By hiring such a creative person as Jake, you can generate “huge amounts of content, to the extent that not only can you market yourself, you can market your clients and staff.”

Whilst lockdowns and tight restrictions are necessary for our health and wellbeing, the effect on the music industry has been somewhat catastrophic. Providing paid opportunities, like a creative bard, for musicians and creatives is paramount to ensuring these artists aren’t left behind. As Jake put it, “It’s nice to know that there are some companies out there who are looking at more creative roles and opening up some more options for musicians who are out of work at the moment.”

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