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11 of the best online shopping fails. Ever.

Posted on June 04, 2021
by Emma Burgess

As 28% of the global population now fulfil their shopping needs online, and with the late eCommerce boom catapulting ever more consumers online, it’s no wonder that occasionally our online orders arrive, well, not quite as expected.

Let’s take a look at 11 of our favourite online shopping fails.

Not to self, always check the dimensions before ordering off Amazon, although we’re unsure who would ever benefit from a scratch pole so small…

Unfortunately for Andy, his $750 purchase (plus $13.20 for shipping) arrived to be not the Yeezy’s he was eagerly anticipating, but instead a pair of what seems to be knock-off slippers. Let’s hope they were comfy.

I Ordered A Desk Lamp From Amazon. I Should Have Read The Specs More Carefully

This reading lamp is perfect for, postage stamps maybe?

This is EXACTLY what you want to receive when spending £600 on an Apple watch…

Ordered Black Sweatpants, Received These Instead. I'm Not Even Mad

These leggings are a visual assault for any viewer, only made worse by the fact that the buyer actually ordered plain black leggings. There’s so much to take in here, we wouldn’t be mad about it.

Shovel or dustpan?

The person ordering this pair of trainers obviously forgot to specify that she wanted a right and left shoe. Personally, I love wearing two left shoes.


Ah, the perfect-sized desk chair. (The owner has since reported on Twitter that no she didn’t check the dimensions she just saw it for $10 and bought it ok!)

We can only assume these jeans were meant for Slender Man and got delivered to the wrong address.

Bought A Rug Online For My Room

Once again. Always. Check. The. Dimensions.

And lastly we have the classic, oversized teddy bear. For the most part you would assume this was just a giant teddy, but this particular cuddle campaign comes with terrifyingly long, four foot legs.

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