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eBay Sellers Spring Update – What You Need to Know

Posted on July 29, 2019
by Emma Burgess

Huboo has a really fantastic, growing partner network right now, having access to this network provides our customers with the latest ecommerce tips. If you missed our last guest blog post, you can read it here. This latest guest post comes from our new partner Laura Mathieson and the team at Selling Online Support. They provide analysis and optimisation to eCommerce businesses and online sellers, with a particular focus on eBay. Their ecommerce tips have a wealth of seller orientated support, and their expertise is broad enough for them to offer advice on across every aspect of eCommerce selling, with ongoing maintenance and management packages also available.  

What did eBay announce?

In the spring updates, eBay announced a welcome package of new seller tools:  

  1. If you have a shop and are registered as a business, eBay will now offer access to Terapeak for free. We have used Terapeak for years as a research tool – it can be a little confusing but offers some useful insights for sellers, such as what an average sale price is for a product, or how well a seller is doing compared to their competitors.
  2. There are also some small changes to the European Sales Booster powered by Webinterpret. This automatically translates listings on eBay UK and adds them to other countries in the native languages – this can be a good option for sellers as there are zero fees and only high performing listings are chosen to be translated. Follow this link for more information.
  3. Strike through pricing will in future be available to both Featured and Anchor shops, not just the very biggest sellers as has been the case previously. This is visible as a “RRP” struck through and a lower price beiong displayed – buyers like this but may also be cynical about how genuine the RRP is, so sellers be warned!
  4. Sellers are now able to make Offers to Watchers – this is an excellent opportunity to push hesitant but interested buyers over the line with a small, targeted discount.
  5. Available now in Bulk editing is the facility to add a Best Offer to all your listings – this will save some time as previously it had to be done manually. The Best Offer feature can be a useful as part of a seller’s suite of marketing tools but needs to be used wisely, as it isn’t the best choice for all products.

Compared to other years, eBay’s spring 2019 seller updates have been a breath of fresh air, and perhaps marks a change in eBay’s approach, helping sellers in a practical way instead of just offering sometimes pointless updates. 

What do you think? Please get in contact with us at Selling Online Support to discuss all things eBay and e-commerce. We’re friendly people and always up for a chat; we love working with online sellers to optimise their online sales. We’re also happy to offer a 20% discount to Huboo clients on all audits and reports, which means prices start from just £60 to receive a 2-3 page report on how you can do things more effectively online, with more comprehensive packages also available.