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Meet your customers’ expectations as your sales take off

Posted on December 02, 2019
by Emma Burgess
A warehouse and workers

If there is one thing we can confidently predict, it is that consumer behaviour will continue to move in one clear direction and that is they will demand better service.

Whether it’s free shipping, more delivery options or simply a wider range of goods available to buy, customers want what they want, and those businesses that are able to meet those needs will reap the benefits through, greater brand loyalty and increased engagement through their digital channels.

With so much competition out there, customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to how they want they goods delivered, and when.

However, there are factors that growing ecommerce businesses need to be aware of as they expand. As all entrepreneurs know, the path to growth is rarely smooth and predictable. Demand can peak and drop for any number of reasons, putting strain on the company’s ability to manage its fulfilment successfully.

Meeting expectations

Having a growing business is a great place for any entrepreneur to be. By driving better customer engagement, retailers are able to outgrow competition, adding not only volume but also loyalty and engagement.

But there are also downsides to rapid growth and if your business is a seasonal one, with clear peaks and troughs of demand, then there is always a danger of disappointing your customers as the ecommerce wheels begin to turn faster. A busy month can very quickly turn into a logistics nightmare, as orders pile up as the business struggles to cope. Lead times lengthen and customer satisfaction drops.

At the same time, if demand slows, ecommerce companies face the danger of overstocking and tying up vital resources and cash, without the necessary momentum to move product on.

Levelling off

So, clear in the knowledge that customer experience is king, how can you as an entrepreneur be sure that your business is responding in the right ways?

One way to address this concern is to use a fulfilment company as a partner to take on the tricky tasks of ensuring your customers receive a flawless, uninterrupted service even as orders and demand begins to soar.

Fulfilment companies offer a perfect way to warehouse goods to balance out periods of heavy demand, along with slower times when orders may not be as high. By using their expertise in warehousing and logistics, they are ideally placed to manage the flow of customer orders and can react to sales peaks quickly and make sure customers receive their orders on time.

For Huboo this extends from not just simply delivering on time, but bringing much more to the table: good connections with the ecommerce ecosystem, cutting edge tech platforms, transparent pricing and a genuine commitment to flex to customer needs.

Why use a fulfilment company?

At Huboo, we know that entrepreneurs understand how their business works better than anyone. They have built their businesses from ground up, so they know what works and what doesn’t. And they know what their customers want. We also know from experience that the best ones know where their skills lie and recognise the value of getting experts in to help.

The savvy ecommerce operators know that managing the intricacies of fulfilment can represent a real drain on vital management time that could be better spent identifying new markets and developing new products.

Managing inventory levels to ensure customers get what they need is what Huboo excels at. They know exactly what is important for a growing business: orders arrive on time, correctly packaged and exactly to the customer’s expectations. They know that the demands of buying online have shifted from hope and apprehension to the sure belief that they will receive what they bought, on time and in top condition.