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Humans of Huboo: The one with it all under control

Posted on September 23, 2019
by Emma Burgess

There are a lot of things that make Huboo an extraordinary company. Despite us only having been a working business for a few years, we’ve been able to achieve so much in a short space of time. From opening our first warehouse, to receiving venture capital investment, and partnering with like-minded companies to start creating an amazing community for our clients; it’s safe to say that we are proud of the work we do and keep doing.

It’s important to remember that none of this would be possible without our team. Our amazing collection of ambitious, hard-working and unique individuals is a massive reason why Huboo has been able to sustain this level of growth. Because of this, we want to bring our team to the forefront. We want to show you just how good our team is, so it’s time to officially start meeting the Humans of Huboo.

The one with it all under control

Emma Nelmes is the Warehouse Operations Manager (or a self-proclaimed Wicked Witch of the Warehouse if you get on her bad side) for our Emersons Green warehouse in Bristol. Having been a part of Logistics for the British Army for 12 years, she has a deep understanding of logistical and operational needs, coupled with a previous stint in another fulfilment company.

‘I was an Operations Manager for a fulfilment company, and before that I was in the army for 12 years. I had left college and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I was always Interested In the army. I had family ties with my dad being in the RAF. All my experience, after serving in so many countries, has built my confidence to deal with anything. After two operational tours in Afghanistan I think it’s safe to say nothing scares me anymore. I would spend like a week at Camp Bastion before I worked right out in the sticks, because I was attached to the Scots Guard.’

Emma brings a calm to the warehouse, and even in the face of abject stress, she is able to keep a level head and work through anything. As everyone knows, start ups are stressful, and Emma deals with all that stress like any other person does; she complains.

‘I like to go home and rant at my boyfriend. He’s a warehouse manager as well, so he understands all my pains. I just laugh at it all sometimes as well.’

A love of the unknown

With Huboo being a budding start up, having people on board who are happy to forge towards the unknown with a clear head, a solid strategic awareness, and a lack of fear is important. It’s essential even, if you want to achieve the heights that we’re trying to reach at Huboo. It’s lucky, then, that Emma wanted to dive headfirst into the unknown with a company who would be willing to back her.

I’m in a really good position now. In my last job I was an ops manager, and it didn’t even feel like I had left the army at time. After leaving the army, I’m really proud in everything that I’ve achieved in my civilian career. After my last job, I had a great three months off. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and enjoyed having the time to rest and relax. I was interested in the opportunity to work with a company that is new and was interested in seeing where this could go. There is a lot of potential, and no one knows where it will go next. It’s really exciting!

For any potential clients, we hope that having a 12 year veteran of the British Army in charge of our Bristol warehouse will give you a level of certainty that everything is well under control, and anything that can crop up will be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. Emma is a key player in the smooth running of our warehouse processes, and the more comfortable and confident she gets, the better everything runs.

And now for something completely different…

Ever found yourself needing a fresh pub quiz fact, or a bit of inspiration for what you want to watch on the telly after a long day fulfilling customer orders? Well look no further, because we gave Emma a quick-fire round as well.

What is something that makes you irrationally angry?

Hair bobbles that just aren’t quite tight enough

What is the best film ever?
…and the worst?
The Revenant

What is the best album to soundtrack a busy day?
Foo Fighters // Colour & The Shape

What’s your hobby?
Exploring haunted houses

Your Favourite Holiday?
Shipsomnia. It was a week long festival on a cruise ship round Thailand & Malaysia.

Something popular that you hate
Reality TV

Who is your dream dinner guest?
David Beckham

What’s the most expensive thing you own?
My House

You biggest Fear?

What’s something you really love?
Really bad jokes

What’s your favourite fact?
Polar bears are left-handed

In an Ideal world, how would you make your millions?
By travelling the world (33 countries down a lot to go!)

Get in touch with us now to discuss how our incredible team can help your business grow through cost-effective fulfilment. And stick around for when we introduce more members of our growing Huboo family.

Read more from our blogs by clicking right here!

Get in touch with us now to discuss how our incredible team can help your business grow through cost-effective fulfilment. And stick around for when we introduce more members of our growing Huboo family.

Read more from our blogs by clicking right here!