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How to improve order fulfillment process

Posted on June 10, 2021
by David Hill
improve order fulfillment process

Improve order fulfillment

Your online business is growing. You’re receiving more orders from customer visiting your eCommerce site, which is great news! But what do you do to fulfil those orders? It’s a challenge many businesses face when they embark on a growth phase, and thankfully there is an easy way to improve your order fulfillment process.

Specialist 3PL (Third party logistics) providers offer outsourced fulfilment as a solution. This helps to free up your time and free up your space, so you can concentrate on continuing on your growth plan.

Outsourced Fulfilment

Outsourced fulfillment providers are experts in all aspects of the fulfilment journey, from receiving your goods (Goods In), storing your items, picking and packing them, and then finally posting them to your customers.

This helps improve your fulfilment process in many ways. 3PLs like Huboo Fulfilment have the infrastructure in place (fulfilment centres) and dedicated resource to help manage your order flow. They act as an extension of your team, and provide real-time updates on order status. So if you have any questions or queries about where a customer order is, you’ll be able to find out instantly through a dashboard or direct communication with your fulfilment team.

Pick and Pack Accuracy

Not only this, but because outsourced fulfilment providers are set up to handle large volumes of orders, they can do so without compromising picking accuracy so you can be sure that your customer received the right item in a quick, efficient way.

Lower shipping costs

Another improvement to the fulfilment process you can benefit from is preferred rates on shipping costs. 3PLs like Huboo Fulfilment will have negotiated better rates with global couriers, so you can take advantage of lower delivery costs.

To sum up, outsourcing your fulfilment is key to help you improve your order fulfillment process, you can:

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