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DropShipping with Avasam

Posted on January 24, 2020
by Emma Burgess

Avasam is a fully automated DropShipping platform that connects suppliers and sellers who sell through multiple sales channels. It provides all the tools businesses need to grow, from sourcing to selling to shipping, automating processes between multichannel order, inventory and warehouse management systems, with direct integrations for marketplaces, shipping providers and payments.

Work began in 2016, after helping several online sellers configure DropShipping arrangements that highlighted many problems with DropShipping. Complaints typically centred around finding reliable suppliers, communicating order or inventory information, payments, and too many unique arrangements causing problems for sellers working with multiple suppliers. DropShipping was time consuming and expensive, with too many potential errors causing delays and dissatisfied customers. Ultimately, it wasn’t providing the value that many businesses needed, and so some sellers were avoiding or limiting it, working with just one or two suppliers.

We developed the Avasam platform to resolve all the issues of traditional DropShipping by standardising and automating processes. As we built the platform, we worked closely with suppliers and sellers, designing automation for every step of the DropShipping process. By reducing the need for human interaction and helping to eliminate the issues with supplier reliability, businesses can fully capitalise on the opportunities that the DropShipping model offers.

For suppliers, listing inventory on Avasam means increased the exposure of your products and brands. Avasam sellers do the hard work of marketing your products on websites and marketplaces worldwide, and secure sales on your behalf – which of course, in turn, increases your profits. You’re in complete control of what you want to allow Avasam sellers to sell, and which sellers you want to allow to sell your products. And unlike some traditional DropShipping setups, you’re not required to offer credit and you’ll only dispatch goods that you’ve already received payment for, lowering potential risk.

We’ve built an outstanding user experience for users of the platform, but you don’t need to learn new processes – we can add Avasam to your existing setup so that Avasam orders appear in your current order management system, alongside your other orders. Currently, there are over 60 integrations with marketplaces, shopping cart providers and shipping services, with all order updates, tracking information and so on being sent automatically.

With Avasam automation, and Avasam sellers driving those sales for you, your team won’t need to handle additional admin – they’ll just need to be ready to dispatch those extra orders. You’ll be free to focus on the business of sourcing new products to add to your inventory, and to work on scaling your business further.

We’ll handle your onboarding, and complete your setup with absolutely no downtime required. We’ll add your existing inventory information to the platform, allowing Avasam sellers to start selling your products on their sales channels worldwide immediately.

We’re already helping hundreds of businesses to sell more. To find out more, or to arrange a discussion about how DropShipping with Avasam can work with your existing setup, visit or call on 0330 113 7788.