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Multi-channel Fulfilment
Made Easy

We take your stock, store it, pick, pack and deliver it for you automatically.

We integrate with your software, provide you with real time stock management and most importantly, total peace of mind.

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We integrate with

Our advantages

We provide excellent service at a low cost for any size company.

Highest service levels

We achieve over 99.9% accuracy and have outstanding feedback from existing clients. We have excellent response to queries, and put you in direct contact with the warehouse handling your products.

Lowest costs

Our costs are simply the lowest, and often by quite a margin. We make it possible for every company to use fulfilment.

Free storage

Every new shipment you send us will be stored for free for 2 months. After that we can also offer tailored discounts on storage depending on your product type.

Easy setup & managment

Instant sign up and a live dashboard to manage your stock holding and orders, and to see up-to-date itemised information about charges.


We have a huge number of integrations including the obvious ones like eBay and Amazon, but if we don’t currently integrate with your chosen channel of multi-channel management software, we’ll build the integration for free.


Using huboo will free you up from managing a fulfilment team and warehouse or if you’re not at that point yet then from fulfilling yourself. Either way you’ll get back the time you spend on fulfilment to spend on building your bottom line instead.

We take the tedium out
of ecommerce entrepreneurship...

...while growing your business.

Our happy clients

Ask to speak to our clients before signing up with us. We have happy clients, clients that are happy to talk about their experience with Huboo.

M. Kapor
«My business has grown by more than 20% since I started using Huboo»

I'd never used fulfilment before so was a bit sceptical. It works really well for us…

Joe D.
«We'd outgrown our warehouse»

Instead of getting another warehouse we offloaded fulfilment entirely and haven't looked back…

«Inventor's don't want to waste time on picking, packing & posting»

I'm happy with Huboo's service and buyers also praise the fast delivery. Good job!…

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